All About Cali Gadd

By Cali Gadd

Some facts

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. In my free time I watch Netflix, eat, sleep, and listen to good music. My friends play a huge part in my life, without them my life would be terribly boring.


I have one brother, Drew. He's a 6th grader at Plaza Middle School. My mom's name is Bridgette and my dad's name is Tim. We have one dog, a border terrier named Mandy. She's adorable. My grandparents, Nonni and Papa, otherwise known as Trish and Mark Heinerikson, come over to our house just about everyday. I am very close with them. They are the best grandparents anyone could ask for. My parents are great too, always dropping whatever they are doing to help me with whatever it is I need help with. My brother is your typical 12 year old, besides being 5'11 and 150 pounds. He plays basketball and is very good (as I'm sure you would guess considering he's a giant.) He's a goofy guy. We get along pretty well though for siblings. We don't really fight at all. I spend a lot of time with my family. Playing games, watching movies, or just talking and spending quality time together.

Food Food & More Food

This is super random but I am also capital O OBSESSED with Leonardo Dicaprio

Music and Celebrities

I typically listen to alternative but there's also a few hip-hop/rap songs on my playlist. My best friend's birthday was January 4th and I bought her and I tickets to Milky Chance, which is our favorite alternative band. So that should be very fun, but it's not until April which stinks but it gives us something to look forward to so that's exciting. Let's talk about Leo. I love Leonardo Dicaprio, as you already know haha, and also Channing Tatum and Dylan O'Brien. They were sent down from heaven. Ahhhhhh (insert heart eyes.) They each have something unique about them. Leo may be old enough to be my dad, but age is just a number. He definitely does not get enough credit for how good of an actor he is. Titanic is where it all started and he's only gotten better since then. He's been nominated for so many awards but he's never won which is BULL CRAP (excuse my language.) Channing, oh Channing. Yes, he may be old and married, but he still got it lemme tell ya. She's the Man is when I fell in love with him. That movie is the bomb. Dylan O'Brien is just so cute and innocent and adorable. Not to mention he's on one of my favorite TV shows, Teen Wolf. His acting career is just starting and I see many good things stored in the future for him.

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My best friend's name is Michaela (the picture at the top.) We've been friends since the first grade and I feel like we will be friends for a very long time considering we are planning on being roomates in college :) We still remember having sleepovers when we were little and dancing in our rooms. I have other friends besides her, including Maddie Murphy, Jordan Lenz, Paige Riekhof, Kenzie Huff, Raquel Reid, and Hallie Vandeven. They are the best friends anyone could ask for.
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