Chivalry Long Ago

The Life And Times Of A Medieval Knight


The definition of chivalry is the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially; courage, honor, courtesy, justice and the readiness to help the weak.

In Service Of The King

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Chivalry In The Medieval Times

Knights had a code of conduct that was called chivalry. This code changed over time but some of the major points were that the knight was bound to defend his lord or liege as well as to care for his land and people. In later centuries this code of chivalry was expanded to include conduct in courts and public functions. A knight was expected to protect those of less or lesser rank than himself and to hold himself to the highest standards of combat and knowledge in religion, writing, music and leadership.

Chivalry In The Modern Times

The days of marauding enemies or fighting ferocious beast are things of the past and the days of men universally being both citizens and soldiers have passed. Yet, while men are no longer called upon to protect their kings/ kingdoms; they still take on the duty to protect their families from both physical and emotional attacks.

squire being knighted

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Respect For Different Cultures

The growing influence of major world religions and other effects of globalization has an effect on how respect differs across cultures. Yet even though we are all very different we try to support all members of our communities and respect their varying social, cultural and religious practices.

medieval religion

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Social And Cultural Food Practices

Various social and cultural practices are habitual activities that structure the lives of those in their communities and help to shape their everyday life. some social practices that are relevant to a community help reinforce a sense of identity and continuity with their past.

medieval feast

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What Is A Knight

Medieval Europe: Knights

Practising Their Skills

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