Manditory Solar Panels?

Amelia Kahn


I think that solar panels should be mandatory on all new buildings for energy and planet saving. If we continue using non-renewable energies, we will eventually run out, and when we run out of non-renewable energies, we will lose 91% of our energy, which is how much of our energy right now is non-renewable. The other 9% of our energy is renewable, which means that it won't run out in our lifetime. Renewable energies include solar, wind, geothermal, and others. Non-renewable energies include oil, coal, natural gas, and others. If we switch to mandatory solar panels, then we won't just be going cold turkey when we run out of non-renewables.

My Argument

Different Opinions

Should They Really Be Mandatory?

I don't think that they should be mandatory, but you would get a reward for having them, such as lower taxes, making people want to switch. For example, the pictures above. I think that I would just go with the classic, house solar panels.

What Do Other People Think?

According to my dad, "I like the idea is great, but I don't want to be told what to do." Many others agree with him, such as my little brother, Ben, who said "I like the idea, but it seems like some people wouldn't like it. They are expensive." A lot of different people agree with him. Furthermore, I think that they shouldn't be mandatory because they are extremely expensive.

Another Point Of View

According to the Daily Beast, "California towns pass law requiring new buildings to have solar panels." "Two towns in California have passes laws requiring newly built homes to install solar panels. Is mandating green energy the wave of the future? Can you force people to go green?"


According to me, I think that they should be mandatory because we are eventually, and soon, going to run out of non-renewable energies, so we should transfer as soon as possible. Furthermore, I think that they should be mandatory because they are good for the environment and good for our planet in general.


According to all of the sources I've used, people like the idea of changing to solar panels, but they hate the idea of being forced into it. So I think that of course solar energy would be great if it were all the way, but it shouldn't be a law. When you're a kid and you're told that you can't do something, the more you want to do it. Being told to do something is like taking candy from a baby. Easy, but not good. Therefore, the more we're told that we HAVE to have solar panels, the less we want them.