Thugs Do Drugs

GHB Is Lethal


  • GHB is a depressant which is a type of drug that slows the body and could lead to fainting or even dying.
  • GHB is usually put in a drink because you can see i, smell it or even taste it.
  • This drug has many high and completely dangerous risks that could effect your life forever such as, vomiting, seizures,unconsciousness , slowed heart rate, and the most severe, death.
  • Some people meaning to do some damage mix GHB with other drugs such as Ecstasy or Alcohol.
  • There are some way out there nicknames for this drug here are some oof the oddest ones: Liquid X, Scoop, Goop, and even Liquid Ecstasy. The scientififc name for GHB is actually Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate.
  • GHB is used for other uses besides getting high or knocking someone out. It has been used for a steroid alternative for bodybuilders and sport stars.
This is a picture of GHB, as you can see it just looks like water. This shows how easily it can be mistaken for water.
This picture may not be the best, but it gets the point across that u can't trust someone if they are going to give you GHB.
This is a video of a very messed up guy who had taken an overdose of GHB before he had passed out.