The Deans' Digest

Week of 6/6-6/10

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Last Full Week...

...And it's a busy one!

Monday 6/6: Final Department Meetings of the year. Newly hired faculty have been invited to attend.

Tuesday 6/7: Capstone Film Awards 6:00 pm

Wednesday 6/8: Graduation Rehearsal 9 am (10th/11th Grade National Honor Society members will miss their Block 3 class). Graduation 6 pm

Thursday 6/9: "Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve" Award Ceremony 1:30pm.

Friday 6/10: Final Exams Begin. Schedule.


Beacon's next Teacher of the Year!

Hickey's Headlines

Can't believe how fast this year has gone!!! Have a great week!

Murphy's Memo:

For the end of the year please keep in mind these end dates in PowerSchool:

June 7th is the end date for Q4.. anything put in after this will not go into the Q4 bucket in grades.

"Exam 2" needs to be listed as June 8th -10th to go in the exam 2 bucket.

Please forward any failure concerns to me ASAP so I can talk with students before finals and get summer school info distributed.

I will be in Ms. Najecki's Science class on June 6th, if you need me for an emergency only, I will be there blocks, 2, 3, 4.

Welcome Aboard!

As someone new to Beacon this year, I know firsthand what a welcoming community of colleagues we enjoy. Please join me in welcoming our newest full-time faculty members!

Jamie Miller: Founders English

Danielle Placido: Founders Math

Janelle Garneau: Founders Science

Tom Epstein: Founders Special Education

Will Glenn: Founders/Beacon Social Studies

Kim Sciuto: Beacon/Founders Reading Specialist