A Peek at the Week

August 26, 2018

The Best Thing I Saw This Week

Our school was filled with many wonderful moments last week! I must say that one of the very best things I saw was Mrs. LeCroy's class as they worked to create the morning announcements. They were so excited and did such a wonderful job! I am looking forward to seeing the announcements each week as our fifth graders have stepped up to do this for our school. Announcements are going to be the best they have ever been!
"The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist." -Maria Montessori

Keep practicing classroom, hallway, and lunchroom procedures so that your year will be set for success!

My Reading Life

I just started reading Savvy by Ingrid Law. I think it is going to be a great book for our older kids! :-)

We will be talking a lot about reading this week in our data meetings (you were emailed a time to meet.) I want us to be honest about where we are as reading teachers, what our kids need to grow as readers, and what you believe our next steps should be to increase our skills as reading teachers so that our students will grow as readers. Many heads are better than few, so give this some thought.


We may as well go ahead and talk about this because it is coming! Please include this statement in your newsletters: "We ask that students with longer hair keep their hair tied back in a pony tail or up in a bun. We are working to be proactive in order to reduce cases of head lice. We want our students to be healthy and at school every day. Thank you in advance for working alongside us." In addition, we will provide you with lice spray. Please spray areas that are made of cloth daily and implement the procedure that all coats go inside book bags. Please talk with your students this week about keeping their hair pulled up, not sharing brushes, and keeping their own personal space so that lice cannot spread. You may want to keep hair ties in your classroom in the event that a child needs to pull their hair back. If parents have questions, please direct them to me. I want to get in front of this if we can.


Teachers in grades 1-5, please begin leveling your students. We would like for all leveling to be complete along with the data wall updated by September 21st. This is a big part of getting to know your students as we begin a new year.

Parent Contact

As we move into week two, please begin making parent contacts. At the beginning of a new year, it is important to reach out to parents with positive communication. You can do this through a call, text, or note. In addition, make sure are working to implement SeeSaw. Encourage your parents daily to get connected through SeeSaw. This is going to be a wonderful communication tool as we move through the year.

Make sure that you are using the clip system and/or Dojo. As we implement procedures, utilize your behavior system so that students can visually see where they stand in your room. If a child has issues during the day, make sure you are communicating with that child's parents as to why they received a specific color or lost points. We want to make sure we are giving families the information they need to address issues at home.

Duty Free Lunch

Duty free lunch will be every Monday and Friday. Enjoy your free lunch time!

Social Media/Cell Phones

Cell phones are a part of our everyday lives. While we will need to be on them at times, please make sure you are only on your phone in the presence of children if you have to speak to a parent or your family needs you. I know this goes without saying, but I want us to be present with our kids and not on phones unless we have to be.

Bloodbourne Pathogens

Please set aside time to view this and take the quiz. Mandy is available to help if needed.

Grade Level Planning

One of our goals this year is to create a stronger plan for working together. We would like for you to determine a day for grade level planning and then to free up that same afternoon for 1 hour. For example, if your planning day is Tuesday, you will meet with your team during planning and then after school for one hour to finish. With only 45 minutes for planning, most likely you won't finish all that you need to discuss during that time. Planning for the additional hour after school means that you all agree to not make appointments and make arrangements to be able to stay until at least 3:45. You protect this afternoon to work as a team.

We are making this same commitment to you and want to be a part of your planning. Please talk with your team and decide the following:

Grades K and 5: Choose between Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday for your planning day.

Grades 1 and 4: Choose between Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday for your planning day.

Grades 2 and 3: Choose between Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday for your planning day.

Please let me know of your decision this week.


Just a reminder of the importance of supervision. Please make sure you are able to see all of your children on the playground. If you need to leave your room, please make sure you have a neighbor watching or call us if you need to do so.

Upcoming Dates:

August 27th: Data meetings begin. Please check your email for meeting date.

August 28th: Mimeo training for Shelby, Michaele, Amber, Sandy, Ni, Shannon, and Elizabeth at Palmetto from 3:00-4:00.

August 29th: K-2 meeting at 3:10 in the library.

August 31st: Forms due to DO that were sent to you by Dr. Pew. This is the employee handbook form and Internet policy. Make sure you have given your forms to Reggie.

Sept. 3rd: No School

Sept. 4th: MAP testing begins

See you tomorrow!