Thursday Brief

August 30, 2018

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You're almost to the end of your first week of school!!!!!

I hope you all are having a WONDERful first week of school!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work this week. I hope you had a chance to read the article I sent you on remind/twitter. It really just made me think so much about you all and the work you put in for our kids. I appreciate it and I appreciate you! Please do NOT hesitate if to let me know if you need anything. I will do my best to accommodate and figure things out with you.


  • Walkers-If you take walkers, GIVE THE WALKER DUTY the card. This is how we keep track of who was in the group until we can make walker rosters. The walker duty personnel will return them to your boxes.
  • Copies-Remember the copy work you leave for Kelly should be straight copies and simple projects. Anything that is more of a "project" needs collating and stapling needs to be brought to Hoover for a parent project. Thanks.
  • Announcements-Announcements start at 7:45-7:50. Please have pledgers in office by 7:45. We will also start our 5 minute handwriting practice on Monday. From 7:50-7:55, please work with the students on handwriting. I will try and get the online cursive handwriting program to work, but it wasn't very good last year. Also, 3rd grade may choose to do something different if your students are not quite ready for the cursive instruction.
  • Safe Schools Training-There seems to be another module on cyber bullying we have to do. So please don't forget to log in and complete your online training. Upload to your Eduphoria account. DUE ON SEPTEMBER 6TH.
  • Dyslexia Training-don't forget to complete this training. Upload to your Eduphoria account. This is due by
  • Break Habits Book Study-Make sure you log on to our Google Group and introduce yourself. I added everyone that didn't accept the invite but received a book. I'm happy to do a tutorial if you need one. Just email me time and I'll come see you.
  • Key Checkout-Don't forget I have exterior door keys for checkout if you need to work on the weekend, but you need to let me know in advance.
  • TEKS Reflection. Still missing this for several teachers (same number as last week). Please reflect while still somewhat fresh in your memory.
  • Shirts-If you ordered another shirt, I cc'd you on the email order. If you didn't get cc'd I didn't order you one so let me know.
  • Content Mastery, Basic Classes, and Labs-These should all start today (Thursday). Please wait for Content Mastery Folders, Mrs. Revette almost has them completed and they should be in boxes tomorrow. If you have questions, please contact those respective teachers or Nikol.
  • ESL TEACHERS-Keep an eye out for the spreadsheet on Google from Mrs. Hoover.

From Mrs. Cristan

Recess reminders… let’s be proactive!

  • Please be vigilant and actively monitoring students – we shouldn’t be on our phones/social media
  • If students are playing chase, they need to play chase AWAY from recess equipment
  • If there is a game (soccer/football/etc…), please monitor and discuss expectations (2 finger touch, play fair, etc.. ) to prevent rough housing, arguments, or potential fights. Adult should monitor.
  • Take walkie talkies to recess – channel 1.
  • Students may use the restroom in the library (if emergency).
  • Students should not be left unattended in the classroom, please make arrangements with another teacher if student is unable to be outdoors.

FROM NIKOL: We had a student get pretty hurt on the first day of school playing tag around the play structure and this has happened before. They chase and don't pay attention to where they are going and smack right into the structure. Please discourage this kind of tag near there especially when there are a lot of kids. They can play on the grass for that kind of running around. Thank you!

This Week's Calendar

August 30-September 6

30 School Board Meeting

3 Labor Day-Holiday

4 Student Orientation

4-12 School Mall

Science Teachers Field Trip Opportunity

From Colleen Naderer 361-826-2317

I am the youth librarian over at Harte library. Starting Wednesday, September 12, and every following Wednesday in September, we will have the Discovery Dome at the library. I talked with Sarah Chapman about making this available to the elementary students. The Discovery Dome is an inflatable planetarium that we use for shows at the libraries and schools throughout Corpus Christi. Most of the shows are under 30 minutes long with topics on the Earth and astronomy. Approximately 20-25 children can be in the Dome at once, with adult supervision. They are welcome to contact me with any questions about the Dome or scheduling at the phone and email provided below or to stop by the library.

Shared Sign Up Calendars on your school GOOGLE accounts this year. Steps below.

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September Calendar

3 Labor Day-Holiday-No School

4 Student Orientation @ 8am in Cafeteria

4-12 School Mall

6 Brittany Hurst Baby Shower @3:15 in Elementary Common Area

11 Patriot Day-Wear Red, White, Blue

11 Ashley Foreman Baby Shower @3:15 in Elementary Common Area

12 Jazzy Bee Meeting 6pm in Elementary Common Area

13-20 Book Fair

14 International Dot Day Celebration-Book Fair

17 Constitution Day

18 Open House/Back to School Night from 6:00-7:00pm

20 Science Fair Meeting @6:00 in Elementary Common Area

21 Fundraiser Kick Off at 8am in the Cafeteria

25 TTESS Refresher and Goal Setting @ 3:15 in Library

25 Watch D.O.G.S. Launch 6:00-7:00 in Cafeteria

27 School Board Meeting @6:00 Administration Building

28 Science Lab Coats Due

Hispanic Heritage Month Sept.15-October 15


Happy Birthday September Babies!

2 Kasi Driscoll

11 Debra Cooper

12 Nancy Tyler

14 Idolina Galbraith

15 Cheryl Navar

18 Debby Alvarado

30 Ashley Debler

Inspiration for a Maker Mindset

Yearbook Committee!!!

Thursday, Aug. 30th, 3:15-4pm

Nikol's Office

Even if you're not on the committee, but would like to give some feedback, come!!!! Thanks!

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Hurst Baby Shower

Thursday, Sep. 6th, 3-4pm

Elementary Library

We are having a baby shower for Mrs. Hurst! Please join us in the library to celebrate!

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