Underground Railroad

5th Grade Social Studies

Underground Railroad Webquest

Your adventure on the Underground Railroad will state HERE!

Don't forget your Social Studies Journal.

After the Webquest

You will need to research what kind of signs were used to help the "passengers" make it to their destination. The following websites will help you with that journey.

Website 1

Website 2

Final Assignment

Small groups of students will pretend that they must safely deliver groups of students from one place to another at our school.ᅠ (Ex. Gym to the art room)ᅠ You must assume the passengers will know nothing except for the secret signs left for them.ᅠ You will need to think of ways - secret signs - that you can convey the following information:

Where are the safe houses?

What is the correct path to follow?

Who or what should be avoided?


I will assign groups to their roles.