Foods of Europe

western, northern and southern

Western Europe

  • Western Europe has long and sophisticated culinary and wet climate for agriculture or farming.
  • United Kingdom, Germany, France, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Belgium, Austria
  • French cuisine originated from France is called baguette; long, crusty fresh baked bread
  • Germany originated food called sauerbraten; beef roasted marinated in vinegar with cloves, bay leaves and peppercorns

Northern Europe

  • Foods tend to be filling or heavy but creative and unique, it extends into the arctic circle.
  • Scandinavia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland
  • A famous Swedish dish from Sweden named Smorgasbord, a buffet laden with cured fish, cold meats, cheeses, salads and vegetables.
  • Lutefisk from Norway is a dry cod soaked in culinary ash and water
  • Kottbullar are Swedish meatballs are spiced with nutmeg and served in sour cream gravy

Europes cooking are unique, different even in other regions!

Meditteranean (Southern Europe)

  • Cooking in southern Europe have much lighter more nutritional meals and dishes than the other regions of Europe
  • Spain, Italy, Portugal,Greece
  • A Spanish famous meal;Marzipan is confection made of almond paste and sugar
  • Spanish national dish called paella is rice seasoned with saffron and mixed with a puree of onions
  • Biscotti are delicious twice baked cookies for coffee^

By Tyah Hudson

period 6