Blooming into Sisterhood

March Newsletter 2015

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It's Spring season! There are a lot of things happening as we're blossoming towards the end of the semester. Peep the newsletter to see what's been happening.

March Birthdays

Alum of the Month

Hisako "tip-Z"

You bet our chapter squeals whenever Hisako comes into the room. Yes, she is super cute and always smiling, but our chapter adores our charter who brought a group of women together with the same goal. Without her, many of us wouldn't have a family at USF. Thank you so much for putting in 110% in our sisterhood from a chapter-level to an international-level. Your passion and continuous involvement enlighten all of us!

What has aKDPhi taught you:
aKDPhi has taught me how to be a better friend. I used to envision friendship to be a series of activities you had to do with someone else every waking minute of the day. However, some of my best friendships are with my aKDPhi sisters, and many of which I have spent very little in-person activity time with. Despite the distance (some in age and some in geographic location), I now understand friendship to be something much deeper and something you can cherish even if you don't see each other all of the time.

Why you started aKDPhi: When I first started at USF, I didn't really feel like I belonged to any of the Asian student organizations on campus. It didn't really bother me at first because I wasn't super connected to my Asian heritage at the time, but the more I interacted with other people, the more I wanted to also find a "place" to belong. I started researching organizations I could help start-up at USF and eventually came across aKDPhi. The extensive network and the values that were important to the sorority, along with the sisters I had previously met at FSU were all reasons for why I wanted to start this particular sorority.

Why do you continue to be involved: I continue to stay involved because aKDPhi is my family away from home. aKDPhi helped me grow into a more confident individual and gave me the best support system when I was at my lowest. I want to provide mentorship, support, and friendship to others so they too can find a special meaning with being a sister of aKDPhi.

Where you would like to see our organization in 5 years: In 5 years, I'd like to see aKDPhi become a better connected sorority. I want to see alumnae proud to wear their letters to the grocery store even though they are 40 years old, and I want to see Charters of older chapters fostering friendships with their active houses. At USF, I'd like us to be more connected to the Tampa community and seen as Asian female leaders making an impact on our campus and the city. Finally, I'd like to see USF continue to have a presence on the National Boards and help shape the future successes of the sorority at large.

What you currently do now: I'm currently a Spouse Employment Analyst with the non-profit organization, Blue Star Families. I attend military spouse focused career and education outreach events, listen to their employment challenges, and offer relevant resources and advice. I also support the US Chamber of Commerce Foundations' Hiring Our Heroes' Military Spouse Program by providing outreach communication, and attending their events as a Speed Mentor.

Words of advise: Take risks and plan for the future! When I was in college, excuses were my best friend on why I shouldn't take risks. I told myself I couldn't do internships and I couldn't join professional organizations because I was too busy or I wasn't going to be accepted so why bother. I wish I had built stronger relationships with mentors, connected myself with the community resources available to me as a student, and ventured out and did internships in different states. It's too late to start planning when you're a senior and it's not as hard as it seems to incorporate these things while juggling aKDPhi, school, and/or work. It just takes the willingness to make it happen, and the desire to set your future up for success early on.

What makes aKDPhi special to you: aKDPhi is special because the sorority is my family away from home. USF aKDPhi was there for me when I got married and when I had Vincent, and I hope to be there for you all as you hit milestones in your lives!

Events & Sisterhoods

March Memory Lane - What is your most favorite memory of aKDPhi? Crossing.

Ischa Fuentes

Thank you to everyone who donated to sending cards and flowers to Ischa's family and FSU. Her memory and impact on others will live on forever in our hearts. Rest in paradise Ischa.

Actives on President's List

Congrats to eight of our Actives who made President's List for the Fall 2014 semester! To say thank you for their hard work, they each received a $10 Publix gift card from the CAA Board.
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CAA Elite Membership

Are you an alumna from USF alpha Kappa Delta Phi? Are you a pretty cool person? If you said yes to both, you should become an Elite Alum! There's only a one time fee of $45 and you'll be eligible for a number of discounts from the NAA and have access to CAA perks. Please contact our Membership Chair, Cindy Nguyen, to register!

CAA Board Meeting


Tuesday, May 5, 2015 @ 9:30PM CST / 10:30PM EST


Via Google Hangout


If you are an Elite Alumna and would like to attend our meeting, please contact our Secretary, Marsha Yang,