Martha Washington at Valley Forge.

Project By:Samantha Clark

Martha Washington

Martha was born on June 2,1731 and died on May 22,1802.The event that Martha Washington was in was The Valley Forge,Martha Washington got married to someone else before George Washington.Martha had 8 other siblings.When she was married to the other guy she had 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl ,Two of the children died (2 boys)at a very young age,The other children (girl and boy) lived until their 90's.After her husband died she married George Washington at the age of 26.

Valley Forge

Valley Forge was important because this was a big deal for the soldiers and colonists because alot of the soldiers and colonists died.Also because it was a big event.General Washington was involved in it too.It started in Valley Forge and then they travled all the way to Philidelphia.