A St. Patty Week Indeed!

Greetings Kindergarten Parents,

The students enjoyed pairing up for twin day, dressing in green for St. Patrick's day, and being creative writers during this week.

Homework Binders:

  • The homework binders are due back on Friday April 1st ( binders are at home for two weeks).
  • If your child wasn't here today, please bring the binder on Monday, March 28th.
  • If your child didn't return his/her books from last week, please return all the books with the binder on Friday, April 1st.

Read Across America Challenge:

  • The students are encouraged to read more books till the end of the month.
  • They will be rewarded on March 31st
  • A soft copy of the Read Across America reading log is attached in the Friday wrap-up email.
  • The books that the students read and write on the Read Across America reading log shouldn't include the books in the homework binder.
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Twin Day

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Wat We've Learned This Week

Language Arts


  • The students inferred the following words from a St. Patrick’s Day passage: legend, shamrock, parade.

2.Close Reading

  • The students listened to a “ St. Patrick’s Day” passage.
  • They read the passage as a group and individually
  • They circled the words they don’t understand
  • They answered the comprehension questions about the reading

3.Creative Writing

They students chose a Dr. Seuss book and wrote a different ending for the story.


1.Placing value (tens and ones)

  • The students identified the number of tens and ones in numbers 1-100.
  • They wrote equations for numbers above 10 in tens (e.g. 28 = 20 + 8)


They learned new fractions vocabulary ( whole number, part, numerator, denominator)

They shaded objects based on the given fractions.

3.Pi Day

  • The student were introduced to "π" as the number that related to circle-shape.

  • They identified whether the numbers in" π" are odd or even
  • Out of beads, they made a "π" bracelet following the pattern of numbers in pi
  • They colored & cut a π crown

Social Studies

St. Patrick’s Day

  • The students read the “ St. Patrick’s Day” passage daily.
  • They discussed the ways people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
  • They learned about St. Patrick’s Day symbols (shamrock, leprechaun, the pot gold”


States of Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)


Writing & Handwriting Skills

They practiced writing their spelling words in their journal using 3 activities from the spelling activity sheet (organizing words alphabetically)

Creative Writing

The students close a Dr. Seuss book and changed the events of the story in writing.

Questions to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

  • What do “legend” & “ parade” mean?
  • What Dr. Seuss story did you choose to change? And what did you write?


What is a numerator and a denominator in a fraction?


What are the states of matter?

Social Studies

  • What country did St. Patrick did St. Patrick’s Day originate from?
  • What/who is a leprechaun?

St. Patrick's Day


March 21st -24th
  • Spring break

March 25

  • School is closed

o March 28th

  • Spring Picture Day
  • Dress your child in spring apparel

o April 1st
  • Homework binders are due back

Happy Birthday Gavin

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