Use this for your vehicle and to generate your own heat

The Advanteges and Disadvantages

This gas can be made from wastes and is renewable. Biogas can reduce a greenhouse gas emission, but it does this by preventing methane. There are disadvantages to Biogas as well. Biogas has to involve a naturally-occurring process that is not easy to control or manipulate. this production slows down in the winter, and if you use animal manure or different wastes it means that the same waste can not be used for compost or fertilizer. The production is also small scaled and can only produce a limited amount of energy.

Interesting Facts

When Biogas is compressed it can change from a gas to a liquid to be used in vehicle fuel. When this gas is burned the energy is released then used to generate heat.

A useful tool for gases and vehicle fuel

How it works

It is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide gases, and it is produced when microorganisms digest a waste material from either plants or animals instead of oxygen.