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Reaching ELL Students and beyond!

Plan your work and work your plan!

When working with any population (ELL, TAG, 504, etc.) within your instructional time it is vitally important that you are not just prepared but overly prepared to address the anticipated needs of your students and to course correct during instruction, if needed.

The great thing about many best practices, are they are exactly that, best practices! This means that they can be beneficial to all students and differentiated based on level and learning style, and ELL strategies are no different!

Let's dive into some ELL (English Language Learner) strategies for this edition of...

ACE Mini PD- Reaching ELL Students and beyond

ELL Strategies in the Classroom


Questions to think about while viewing the upcoming video.
  • What's the benefit of doing vocabulary development after completing the various activities around a complex text?
  • Utilizing the strategy discussed, how can you ensure that students are able to craft workable definitions of key terms

The perfect TLaC Techniques for ELLs

  • Technique #14: Format Matters
  • Technique #11: No Opt Out

#14- Format Matters

Discussion is not just a classroom skill, it is a life skill that all of our students should be developing day in and day out.

Format matters is an excellent strategy to to support all learners in the classroom, including ELL students. As Lilly Wong Fillmore, a researcher at UC Berkeley, has been quoted as saying, "There are no native speakers of Academic English." This statement is powerful and really hits the point that all learners can benefit from the focus on complete sentences and proficient syntax as the expectation in your classroom.


In this video be mindful of how the instructor not only sets the expectation for 'Format Matters,' but also explains why the students are expected to adhere to the line of thought and expression.


- Why would it be vital to explain to students why they are expected to be mindful of their speech?

- How could this assist ELL students?




Watch the TLaC- No Opt Out strategy video below.
Teach Like a Champion Technique 1 - No Opt Out

What an ELL teacher had to say about 'No Opt Out"

“No Opt Out allows practice in both speaking AND listening. This is wonderful for my students. I co-teach part of the day with a general educator, and we often use this pattern: call on ELL, no response/shy/incorrect, call on proficient ELL or native speaker, then go back to the ELL. It also allows us to push the lower level ELLs , rather than relying on lay-up type questions in order for them to feel successful. When the whole class is used to No Opt Out as part of the culture, then kids who can’t answer right away are less likely to feel self-conscious or shamed about being incorrect.”

This excerpt was taken from the TLaC blog. To read the post in its entirety you can visit: http://teachlikeachampion.com/blog/using-tlac-with-english-language-learners/


Which strategies do you use to assist ELLs in your classroom? Email us and let us know at ace@dallasisd.org

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