Kirsebom Nation Recognition

November 2014

As we wind down this year, I want each of you to know how much I truly appreciate you. Your talents, your commitment to yourselves, your family, each other. Your willingness to give and serve others with your heart is an inspiration to our team and all the people you touch.

I love December with so much activity, so much fun, so much to look forward to (like AIT in the Caribbean!!). I can't wait to travel with you - to get to know you better - to hang out and create memories with you!!

November proved again that we are unstoppable! Just to give you an idea, this year, the Kirsebom Successline promoted 9 Consultants to the level of Regional Vice President and 5 to the level of National Vice President! Do you know another company that is growing at that rate right now? Unstoppable!

This last month of the year gives us sooooo many chances to WIN with Arbonne! We can put ourselves in qualification for the next level! We can jump-start our vacation to the Caribbean! We can put ourselves in a position to walk the stage at GTC! We can offer Double Preferred Advantage Rewards to our friends and clients! We can give people the gift of health for the new year! Arbonne is The GIFT that will keep on giving for years to come - the GIFT that blesses this generation and the next and the next! Don't keep this to yourself - pass it on to EVERYONE and let them unwrap a true miracle this season~

Congratulations to all of you on BELIEVING in your DREAMS!!
Check out our Notorious November Superstars!!

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District Managers in Qualification

Sharon Schrage of Incline Village, NV, sp’d by Christian Kirsebom

Sara Knight of Berkeley, CA, sp’d by Melissa Rude

Wendy Buchanan of Carnelian Bay, CA, sp’d by Jill Whisler

Norma Fernandez of Martinez, CA, sp’d by Katie Pierceall

Stephanie Davidson of Clio, MI sp’d by Kim Cadieux

Shelley Douglas of Grand Blanc, MI sp’d by Wendy Carr

Julie Grams of Fenton, MI sp’d by Wendy Carr

Michelle Mahony of Berkeley, CA sp’d by Stacy Sarkis

Jackie Beach of Grand Blanc, MI sp’d by Kristin Shick

Sara Allen of Pittsburg, CA sp’d by Kristy Franks

Jane Mccormick of Clayton, CA sp’d by Susan Pugh

Melissa Winters of Concord, CA sp’d by Susan Pugh

Chrissy Sylvia of Atascadero, CA sp’d by Melissa Najafizadeh

Catherine Green of Stockton, CA sp'd by Julie Innes

Nikki Rodgers of Stockton, CA sp'd by Julie Innes

Ginny Guiffre of Aptos, CA sp'd by Catherine Green

Adrianne Totah of Walnut Creek, CA sp'd by Jim Totah

Sarah Elkins of Truckee, CA sp'd by Andie Keith

Karen Valdez of Truckee, CA sp'd by Andrea Cazarez

New District Manager

Kari Chalstrom of Truckee, CA, sp’d by Leanna Jacuzzi

Area Manager in Qualification

Pam Severson of Lafayette, CA sp’d by Rebecca Singh

DM Bonus Earners

Melissa Rude

Leanna Jacuzzi

Katie Pierceall

Stacy Sarkis

Wendy Carr

Kim Cadieux

Melissa Najafizadeh


Total Region Sales

Rebecca Singh

Micheline Kirsebom

Anita SIngh

Total Region Sponsoring

Micheline Kirsebom 48

Rebecca Singh 45

Anita Singh 16

Top Area Sales

Robin Bradley

Rimmy Singh

Melissa Najafizadeh

Top Area Sponsoring

Wendy Carr 29

Rimmy Singh 13

Katie Pierceall 12

Top District Sales

Wendy Carr

Robin Bradley

Melissa Rude

Top District Sponsoring

Wendy Carr 15

Kimberly Cadieux 14

Leanna Jacuzzi 10

Melissa Rude 10

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As you hustle and bustle through December, don't allow stress to steal from the holiday magic. The magic is in your presence, not in your presents. So remember to take the time to let the people in your life know how you important they are to you.

Realize that today, there are people who are struggling - that the man that stole your parking space might be in a rush to get home to children alone without a babysitter. The woman that cut in front of you in line might have two or three jobs with only a few minutes between to shop for food for her family. The girl that nearly ran you over may be rushing to check on her sister in the hospital.

Understand the GIFT that we hold - the GIFT of health, time, and financial stability. There are so many that need what we have - so many that don't know that what we have is so much more than a lotion or a lipstick. Share your vision of your future - breathe life into the people around you. Fill them with light and inspiration and hope. Arbonne is a GIFT for each of us to give - and each of you is a GIFT to me. Thank you for your belief, your patience, your spirit. Love you all so much.

Happy Holidays to you from my family to yours.
May the magic of the season warm you now and throughout the New Year.

Looking forward to an EPIC 2015!!