Lineville 6th Grade Technology

By: Hayden Groff

Typing Web

In the web site you will learn the basics of typing but it will also get harder as you go on. It's fun once you start to do it for few days then it starts to feel normal what you are doing. Lastly once you get to a current spot in Typing Web you get you're picture taken for you achievement.


In Itrailer you will be making a trailer of course about anything that possibly could be a movie. But you don't have to make the movie and also it's very fun to do it's not that hard either. Also you get to pick the Itrailer topic so that's cool too and YOU get to do it however you want to that's also very cool.

Haiku Deck

So, in haiku Deck you get to make a slideshow about your dream job and then present it as well. It's fun and challenging too because you might have more than one dream job so that would be hard too. So for this unit or activity you can completely do it the way YOU want to do it.

Explain Everything

So in Explain Everything you with do a demonstration or recording on how to do a math problem. Also you get to design your slides on how to solve the problem . The last thing is that you will be recording yourself on how to do the math problem too.

Career Locker

In Career Locker you will find a career or careers that you like. Also you will look at all the schools that offer that job and look at their price and were the school is. All in all its fun to look at were you can go to school and look into it deeper.

Hour of Coding

In Hour of Coding you go to these lessons and make characters move with codes. And the lessons get harder and different too to challenge you and help you get better with coding. You can also do different things in Coding which give you more options on what to do which is nice.