World Religions: Buddhism

by Jennifer Nelson


The most important belief of Buddhism is that Nirvana, being free of suffering, is what will allow us to experience true happiness and can be obtained through reincarnation. You attain Nirvana by having few negative karma points. And by reaching Nirvana, we will no longer through reincarnation.

They believe it because, overall what they want is to not have to suffer, and that by going through multiple cycles of life, they will learn to overcome desires, anger, and stupidity and it will allow them to find happiness and attain Nirvana.

I think that people follow Buddhism because they are told that the Buddhas are able to teach people how to break free of suffering and find true happiness, and that they believe that by following their teachings, they will no longer have to suffer.

Current Events

Extremist Groups

Some extremist justify their actions by causing anti-muslim riots, and then doing things such as: breaking into muslim's homes and then setting them on fire, stealing money, and shooting muslims.

Current Event

On June 15, a Buddhist extremist group called the BBS, or Bodu Bala Sena, or better known as Buddhist Power Force, went and ransacked homes in Dharga town that belonged to Muslim's and caused injuries to multiple muslim's to be hurt. It was said by another extremist group, called 969 that they do what BBS and other anti-muslim Buddhism extremist groups do because "The muslims are breeding very quick, and they are stealing our woman and sexually abusing them and that they would like to occupy our country, but I won't let them . We must keep Myanmar Buddhist." says the leader of 969. This could give the Buddhists a negative consequence by giving them a bad name.


The Wheel of Life

The bhavacakra (or better known as "wheel of life") is a symbolic representation of the cycle of existence (also known as "samsara") that is on the outside walls of Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries located in the Indo-Tibetan region. It is said that Buddha himself had created it, but it is unknown what time is was made. It is used to teach people to understand the Buddhists teachings.

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Everything I see and hear is a

teacher that teaches me the

spiritual path. The flowing of the

water teaches me impermanence...

I don't need to have books made up

of paper and ink. Everything I see around me teaches me the


This poem is a reminder to Buddhist that whatever happens in life becomes part of the spiritual path.

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