Holocaust; Warsaw.

English 1 Project: Kaitlyn Pudans

Life in Warsaw:

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and is the center for most jewish culture. Germans entered Warsaw September 29th, 1939, shortly after it surrendered (Holocaust encyclopedia). All Jewish residents of Warsaw were to move to a designated area, the ghettos where they were forced to work. Though committees tried to help, most people suffered from starvation, exposure and infectious diseases. “Widespread smuggling of food and medicines into the ghetto supplemented the miserable official allotments and kept the death rate from increasing still further.” (Holocaust encyclopedia).

“The Germans cleared Warsaw of Jews and forced them into a small area north of Warsaw from where they were deported east to purpose built Concentration Camps (VernichtungsLager).” (Battle for Warsaw), the Soviet Army later liberated Warsaw January 17th, 1945.

Comparison to Experiments: