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Publishing Tools for Elementary Students

Shadow Puppet Edu - Free App

There are lots of ways to use this app in the classroom and Shadow Puppet features some great ideas on their Pinterest page and blog. Students can describe what they learned during a field trip using pictures they’ve taken with their mobile device, or document the steps they took during a science experiment with a combination of images and narration.

This app is a must have for teachers looking for a creative way to have their students tell a story or recount events from an important school event. Try including your Shadow Puppet creations in your students’ digital portfolio!

With Shadow Puppet EDU videos creations can now be up to 30 minutes long and include 100 slides of pictures. Users have the ability to add images from NASA, Flickr Creative Commons, and the Library of Congress’ archive without leaving the app. This high-quality app was chosen by The American Association of School Librarian as a 2014 Best App for Teaching and Learning.

Completely free for classroom use, Shadow Puppet EDU is a great choice for teachers looking to integrate multimedia into a variety of activities! Learn more about Shadow Puppet EDU by visiting their website.

Shadow Puppet Edu Student Example

Developing Creative Writing Skills 3rd grade students worked together to develop a story, take photos and record the narrative as a group.

Shadow Puppet Edu Student Example

Describe a Project or Experience A kindergarten student shares her art project and tells a story about it.

Toontastic - Free App

Lights, Camera, Play! Toontastic is a storytelling and creative learning tool that enables kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world through simple and fun imaginative play! With over 2 million cartoons created in over 150 countries, parents and teachers rave about the app... and kids can't stop creating!

Making cartoons with Toontastic is as easy as putting on a puppet show - simply press the record button, move your characters onscreen, and tell your story. Toontastic records your animation and voice as a cartoon video to share with friends and family on ToonTube, the app's global storytelling network for kids.
Toontastic Student Example

Follow a Story Arc to resolve a conflict: "Me Hungry"

Toontastic Student Example

Follow the Digestive System "Eating my Life"

30 Hands - Free App

30 Hands is a storytelling app that allows students to use images to tell a story. They can take their own pictures from within the app, access the iPad camera roll or draw their own images. Students can then narrate over the images. You can delete and rearrange your images. The recording stops between each slide allowing for more collaboration and planning. The final video will save to your camera roll. This is a tutorial made by 30 Hands - similar one is available inside the app.

Adapts easily to use as a "paper slide" video - students can still draw their images, then take pictures of them with the iPad, bring them into the app and narrate without some of the "shaky" videoing.

Classroom Applications:
Share Research/Facts
Student Writing/Publishing
Book Talks - book cover and draw pictures of favorite scenes in books
Share Classroom Activities/Events
Cause and Effect of Disasters (Flood, Tornadoes, Tsunamis)

30 Hands Student Example

Geometry in the Real World

30 Hands Student Example

"My Favorite Book is Minecraft" -2nd Grade Book Float

Tellagami - Free App

from Samantha Morra at EdTechTeacher.org

Tellagami, a free iOS app that lets you create short animated movies called "Gamis,"
With Tellagami, begin by creating and customizing a character. Although there is not a great deal of variety in virtual appearance, just enough options exist to personalize your character. From there, you choose a background either from a few in the app itself or your camera roll.

After you customize your character and background, you can choose how you want your character to talk, either by recording your voice or typing in text. If you record your voice, you have 30 seconds. If you choose text to speech, there are male and female voices with a few different accents.

Some quick ideas you might try:

  • Have your character tell a story.
  • Pick a person in history and have them introduce themselves
  • Use a plant cell as the background and have the avatar name and discuss the function of each part of the cell.
  • Recite a famous poem or speech
  • Read a poem they wrote
  • Take a trip or go back in time and describe where the location/time period
  • Speak in Spanish, French, Mandarin or any language
When you are all done, Gamis can be emailed, posted to Facebook, or Tweeted, which also generates a link to share. You can also view your movie online and get the embed code. I could see embedding a whole bunch of these on a class wiki or blog.

You can also save them to your iPad Photos, which is what I like to do. From there, Gamis can be combined together in iMovie or incorporated into other apps like Explain Everything. (Greg Kulowic has some great examples of this, as “appsmashes.”) Your only limit is your imagination!

For more ideas visit Tech Tips Technology Tips for Elementary Teachers

Tellagami Student Example

5th Grade Student BookTalk - "Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings"

Adobe Voice - and Adobe Slate - Free App

Adobe Voice allows students to narrate a story over an array of digital images. They are designed to be 60-90 seconds in length. You simply say a sentence while holding down the record button, then choose the image/picture you want to display while that recording is played. Repeat.

Adobe Slate Create a story with a magazine-type layout. Add images and text. I would use this app with upper elementary to middle school students

Students can create

  • Self Introductions
  • Create a dictionary (vocabulary, grammar or script)
  • Flashcards - create a deck focused on a specific genre and share link with peers
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Cultural explanations
  • Journal of field trip
  • Descriptive language practice
  • Document a series of steps
  • Book Trailer
  • Portfolio Show
  • Assessment
  • Create a campfire story...have students sit in a circle, have each one record their piece to the story and pass to the next person.

Adobe Voice Facebook Page

ChatterPix - Free App

ChatterPix Kids and ChatterPix from Duck Duck Moose are simple, elegant, and useful apps. Both allow students to take a picture or use an image saved to the camera. With a swipe of their finger, students can draw a mouth on any image. There is one button to press to record, and the mouth then animates with the recording.

  • 30 seconds to record.
  • Add stickers, frames, or text.
  • Send movie to the camera roll.
ChatterPix- Student Example

3rd Grade Biography Bottle Project

Powtoon - PC

Thank you Powtoon for providing an easy to use template to create animated slideshows. If you can create a powerpoint and know a little bit (very little) about video editing you can quickly create your own customized presentation. Students can use the provided templates and just fill in their own words or they can modify the slides like I did adding their own images and custom slides.
Powtoon Teacher Example

My Librarian Introduction