How I entertain/ humor you weenies

How I became a funny guy

The basic history of me

Well, it all started back in 1998. Nah, that'll take way too long. We'll start when I decided to become a funny person. It started when I was in sixth grade when I realized I wasn't that popular. For some reason, I was also picked on for some unknown reason. I saw that other people who told jokes at my school seemed more popular. However, the jokes they didn't tell weren't very funny in my opinion, so I went home and watched some professionals do some comedy and what I saw was amazing. I saw that they made many people laugh and they were very popular. So I thought, "Hey, for some reason, I can tell the difference between a good and bad joke, and I liked telling jokes", so when I went to a new school the next year, I tried out some jokes. I got these great reactions from students. They loved it and they loved me. ( in the most heterosexual way though.). However, it wasn't all perfect for everyone. For some reason or another, the teachers didn't "appreciate" my humor as others did. In 7th grade, it wasn't too bad, but in the 8th grade, it was bad. I was basically a wanted man by the teachers, and they didn't care if they got me dead or alive. I think that they were so old and butthurt that they hated fun and don't even remember being young at all. I even think my grades were effected by my jokes. I personally think that I was targeted because my humor. I really think I wasn't actually graded fairly. I feel some personal feelings went into my bad grades. I got yelled at, kicked out of class, and even got two in school suspensions that year. However, did they stop me? Well of course not! I didn't "grow up" as they wanted me to, and I probably won't. So, when I went to the 9th grade, I brought a riot shield in case they would fire their butthurt bullets. However, I was blindsided. I didn't expect the teachers to appreciate and even work with my humor during teaching. That just made my over inflated ego just get larger. (Please note that I'm using my ego to entertain you. Don't say anything like, " oh yeah Brandon! You're too confident!") And to this day, I hope that I always stay this way. A very funny person who won't let anyone slow them down.

My type of humor

I love all types of humor. I don't care if you use pies in the face, skits, plays, stereotypical or sexist jokes. Now, before you report me or beat me up in an alleyway and leave me for dead, Let me explain.) I find them all to be humorous. What I want to do is make the world realize, that people who tell those kind of jokes are (hopefully) not racist, sexist, etc. What that person is probably doing is trying to make you laugh. There is a major difference telling a joke and saying you just hate something and you wish that it didn't exist or whatever you want. My point is that I don't like people who judge too quickly and calm down. Take a moment before you fire the butthurt bullets, and think, "Is this person really a jerk and hates me without knowing me, or are they just telling a joke and I should rather laugh at it?"

Some of the people who inspired me

"My jokes are funnier than what your mothers hair looked like this morning" - Brandon Brennan

How this has effected my life

Me trying to become a famous comedian has probably changed my life forever. I am more happy, more energic (not much though, I'm pretty fat), more confident in myself, and I feel way better about myself. If someone says something mean to me, I either just shrug it off or I hug them. The reason I hug them is because they aren't happy with themselves. Not only do I try and make people feel better about themselves, I get to hug cute girls without restraining orders.

Where to find me

Yes, if you do like my attractive face and/or personalities you can stall me here. *checks to see if I can put obnoxious crap in the Facebook and stuff* "huh, you can't put crap there, there, or there. Well, except for the address. So, you can find me at that perticular location.