Vasquez Sets Out For ADVENTURE!

A spaniard Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Sets Sail On Voyage

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Coronado's Wishes, and Achievements

Francisco Vasquez De Coronado was born in 1510 in Spain. In the year of 1535 he sailed to the "New World" He stopped a slave rebellion and got appointed governor of an important province in New Spain. The main reason for his expedition was to discover The Golden Cities and become famous and wealthy. Antonio De Mendoza, Vice-Roy Of Mexico, Sponsored His Expedition. As he was governor he became a VERY important man in the country of New Spain.

Vasquez Encounters a PROBLEM!

Vasquez's Failure

First, Vasquez DID Indeed Find The Seven Cities Of Gold, But When he arrived he found out that it was a Hoax, Prank, Fake, Whatever you want to call it. He based his whole expedition on finding it, and becoming rich and famous from the gold and amazing discovery. Second, when he got there he was killed by the people living there because when he was trying to find any type of gold located there or around there he stole things that looked like gold or looked just as valuable.

Where Vasquez Went

In 1535 Vasquez Set Off To Find The Seven Cities of Gold. He sent little groups of men into New Mexico to find gold. He and his group took over the Zuni Town and found no gold whatsoever.
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