A Week in Pictures

Ms. Paparella's Class

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Peer Feedback

There is something so powerful and exciting about watching friends support each other. Listening to these readers provided me that opportunity! As I listened to the conversation between Kaleb and Layla, I was thrilled as he began to coach her as I would have. He had a variety of strategies to support her!

Productive struggle is necessary for our kids! Do not be afraid to sit back and listen as they sift through their thoughts! The strategies are there! Many times, we just need to give them the space to show us!

Way to go Kaleb and Layla!

Upcoming Curriculum


In order to give you a more accurate understanding of where your child is in terms of spelling, I will begin to test them on a weekly basis. I will staple these to their agenda at the end of every Friday. As we work through these vowel patters, I want you to be aware of how they are progress. Therefore, if you feel concerned about a particular pattern, you will be able to address it at home as well! This week was the "igh" pattern and next week we will focus on "a-e."


We will test next week for our data unit! After this will come our investigation into time! Please engage your little ones at home as they ask about elapsed time and analog clocks! It is a tough one, but they will have so much joy once they master it!

Important Dates

Field Trip

Our class will be split between two days: February 23rd and February 25th. Harbison State Forest is going to be a blast! Please make sure to have those returned by Wednesday of next week.

Princess Ball

You've asked for it...and it is FINALLY HERE! The princess ball will be March 4th, 2016 in our DFES Cafeteria! More information will be provided the closer we get to the event!