Abigail & Joy to the World

The Young Girls' Adventures Old and New

Where in the world are Abigail & Joy?

Currently, I am sitting in a little coffee shop in Uijongbu, South Korea sipping an iced latte and catching up with folks via the world-wide web. Abigail is probably eating lunch with the rest of her Kindergarten class at the International Christian School of Uijongbu. If you lost track of us over the last few months or years, you are probably wondering what we are doing in South Korea. As you may or may not know, two and half years ago, I decided to start taking college classes to obtain a teaching license with a long term-goal of becoming an international teacher.

In December 2012, with great sadness and anticipation of new adventures, I resigned from my Office Administrator position at Cross Bar X Youth Ranch. In January, Abigail and I temporarily moved to Uijongbu, South Korea, so I could complete the student teaching portion of my teacher licensing program. It was an amazing blessing to be able to student teach at the school where my sister teaches.

About a week ago, I completed my required hours. I am now spending a few weeks recuperating in South Korea, while Abigail finished her Kindergarten school year. I almost do not know what to do with myself since I am so unused to free time, but I have managed to keep myself busy reading, sleeping, cleaning, exercising , and exploring all of the places in Seoul that I was previously too busy to explore.

Here are a couple of pictures of our life in Korea, and if you are really interested in learning more about my student teaching experience you can check out the Prezi Presentation I put together for my final college project. (Note: With all of the videos, the Prezi is it about an hour long, so you may just want to skim it.)

Where will the Young Girls be in the future?

We will be in South Korea until we board a plane for the USA on June 4th. Our tentative plan is as follows...

  • June 5-7 Quick stop at my parents' home in Iowa to unpack, repack, and grab my Jeep.
  • June 8-22 Cross Bar X Youth Ranch, Durango, CO. We plan to help out at camp and catch up with our Durango friends.
  • June 23-July 4- My parents' home in Boyden, Iowa--Family time, hopefully my whole immediate family with be able to get together for the first time in almost five years.
  • July 5-July 9ish- Charlotte, North Carolina and maybe Crossville, Tennessee- We are taking quick trip to visit my mother-in-law before I take her grandbaby back overseas for the next two years. I also hope to squeeze in a whirlwind trip to visit my TN friends.
  • July 10-18 Back to Iowa to repack and prepare for our next adveture
  • July 19- We board a plane for Phnom Penh, Cambodia

If you happen to be in or en route to any of previously listed places, let us know, we would love to see you!

Spring Break in Thailand

Why Cambodia?

I recently signed a two-year contract to teach at Logos International School in Phnom Penh, which a part of a ministry called Asian Hope. I will be teaching Middle School and High School History, and Abigail will attend 1st Grade at the same international school.

Several people recently asked me why on earth would a young widow with a five year old daughter want to move to a small,war-torn, poor, developing country like Cambodia. Truthfully, I do not really have a specific answer other than, I believe God opened the door to this opportunity in Cambodia and has give me the peace to step through that open door. I had not originally intended to pursue a position in Cambodia, but when the opportunity arose, I felt peace that this was the next step for us in our pursuit of loving God and loving others.

I am excited to be a part of the ministry of Asian Hope, which seeks to shape compassionate, equipped, Christian leaders from Cambodia's vulnerable Children by providing village development programs, quality Christ-centered education, and homes for at risk children. You can learn more about Asian Hope and Logos International School on their websites.

I am sure it will be an exciting and difficult transition for us as we move from the comforts of living in first world countries to life in a foreign developing country. We would love your prayers for us as we embark on our new adventure.