Evan Deters

5 Themes of Meograpy


Definition: absolute or relative placement of something.

The absolute location of my town: 45.6333° N, 94.5667° W.

The relative location of my town and state:

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Definition: An area that is defined by everything in it.

Physical Features Human Features

1. Grass 1. Lights

2. Shrubs 2. Windows

3. Trees 3. Basketball Hoop

4. Sky 4. Shingles

5. Clouds 5. Trash Can

This is my house

Human- Environmental- Interaction

Definition: How people adapt, modify and depend on the environment.

I adapt to the environment by wearing warmer cloths in the winter.

I modify the environment by cutting the grass.

I depend on the environment for food.


Definition: The way that people, products, ideas and information move from one place to another.

Transportation: I ride my bike or ride in a car.

Goods: I get pencils and paper from China.

Communication: I communicate with the world with phones.


Definition: An area that is defined by certain similar and unifying characteristics.

Physical feature: Lakes

Human feature: Cars

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