Anaylizing Viola

Viola's Identity

I feel as if viola knows what she wants when she wants it and finds a way on how to get it. She cares how other people feel and she tries to make them feel better. It doesn't matter who or what they have done to her as long as everybody is happy in the end. "Grace and good disposition attend you ladyship" (iii.i.126-127)! This is saying that everybody should be proud of who they are and what they are for.

Viola's Gender

Viola's gender in the movie and in the story is very limited because she has to dress up as a man so that she can create more options for herself. She wants to prove that women can do just as well as boys in any kind of sport or activity. " That will allow me very worth his service. What else may hap to time I will commit. Only shape thou thy silence to my wit" (i.ii.45-50).

Viola's Perception

During the play people saw viola as many different things such as in the play a boy and in the movie a girl. She has many identities to everyone but to others it was love and disgust. Whenever she was with Duke for instance she changed every time because more and more as she saw him she liked him more. "her comes the man, sir, that did rescue me"(V.i.43)

Comparing Myself to Viola

Me and Viola are a little bit more different because I tend to stay back and wait for things and tend to miss out on them. Viola doesn't wait for anything she goes out there and gets whatever she needs. She is a type of person that will not take things for granite because she knows that if it passes her then she will regret it for some time and she wont feel the same. I just wait and then if it doesn't come then I just live with it and never get to feel the way that I wanted to feel.

Viola identity Movie

In the movie viola is different from the play in a big way personally. She is multiple identities. When she is around her mom she is very disturbed and doesn't like to listen to her. When she is with her friends she can be very happy or very negative. She doesn't seem to be very happy as she was in the play. She seemed as if she needed to make other people happy rather then herself.

Viola Gender Movie

Her gender is very limited because naturally she would like to act like a girl but she needs to prove herself to be as good as a guy in anything especially in soccer. Soccer is one of her favorite things to do and she isn't given the chance to prove herself so that is why she is changing into her brother.

Viola perception movie

People see viola as a regular boy who is really good at soccer and is there for the same reason they are. Everybody wants to play soccer so they all just thought that she/he wasn't any different. They thought of her/him as one of them to be a guy and doing guy things.

Comparing Myself to viola movie

Viola and I are very alike in the movie because she is extremely athletic and she likes to be physical. She doesn't care if she is slower as long as if she gets her point across then everything is okay. If she gets angry then she just goes off on everybody. We are very much alike and we both like to win so that's a good thing.