by: Abigail, Damian, Chandler, Kaitlyn, Catherine

Q. What is AVID?

A. AVID is a college readiness class, that helps you succeed in school.

Q. What are Cornell notes?

A. Cornell notes are notes you take that statistically have been known to help you remember what you are studying.

Q. What are tutorials?

A. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we fill out a tutorial request form. 3 tutors come and help us study and do homework for our classes.

Q. What are the requirements to get into AVID?

A. To get into AVID, you have to fill out an application and get interviewed. By your sophomore year, you have to be in at least 1 honors class.


Avid is a college readiness class that helps you succeed in high school and get to the college of your dreams. In Avid we have tutors that come every Tuesday and Thursday. Usually we have cornell notes due every week. Other days, we do group activities that help us with team building. Finally, we calculate our GPA every six weeks to make sure we are always on track with our classes.