Kids non will help you so much more

When your parents say no you can change it to yes


Non has blonde hair and cool blue eyes. He always wears a ball cap sideways and has light skin. He is always energized and he's a lot of fun. Your parents will hate him but you will love him. He is very tall and super skinny and has a great sense of humor.


Non can make you're life so much better. Non is like cold ice cream on a sunny summer day. Non is perfect for kids from 3 to 12. You won't want to not have it because everyone has it. Non can change what your parents say if you ask for a new ball and they say no you can change it to yes.


Non is a very altruistic and he is very humors he was raised very well and lost his dad at an early age. That doesn't stop non from being popular or anything non is super popular and is very big in the social media. Non is now selling for 1000 dollars per use.