Mobile Apps for a K-12 Classroom

For Module 9 we explored different mobile apps that would be appropriate to use in a K-12 classroom. I focused on applications that would be used in an elementary school. Below I will describe how these apps could help advance learning in the classroom.

Applications for K-12

1. Tales2Go

Tales2Go is an audiobook app which allows students to listen and read along to a variety of different books. There are more than 2500 children books available and they range in their level of difficulty. Research has shown that audiobooks raise reading levels, therefore, they are beginning to be incorporated more into the classroom. Tales2Go is not a free application, however it offers a free one month trial.

2. Grammar Jammers

Grammar Jammers educates students about grammar concepts including parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation and many other grammar rules. This application teaches the grammar concepts in a fun and engaging way, through songs and animations. The songs are a great way to teach new concepts or reinforce old ones. At the end of each song, students are provided with a short quiz on the material covered in the song. This application is a great way to create fun, engaging lessons, and to motivate all students.
Grammar Jammers Primary Edition
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3. Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster is a math application for students, enabling them to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Students feed the monster plates of sushi, to create a number sentence. Correct answers provide students with stars and eventually trophies. As the students advance though the questions, the questions begin to get more challenging. This application is a fun way to get students excited about math.
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4. Nearpod

Nearpod is an application that is a teacher to student synchronous screen platform, that has a variety of different features, allowing teachers to create presentations, polls, and open ended questions. Students enter a pin number, which allows them to participate and view the same material that is presented on the teachers device. The teacher can create activities in their presentations for the students to participate in.There is also a share button, that the teacher has access to, which allows all members in the class to view other students work and answers.
Using Nearpod
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5. Sono Flex

Sono Flex is an application created for individuals who are nonverbal, or who have trouble communicating. Students have access to a variety of different words and pictures, and can can tap these words or images for the device to say the words out loud. Sono Flex is a free application, and enables all students to get involved in school.

6. Too Noisy Pro

Too Noisy Pro is an application that allows teachers to control the noise level in the classroom. Teachers can set the app to an appropriate maximum noise level. If the classroom noise level exceeds the set level, then an alarm will sound. This application can be used when students are working on independent of quiet work. It is fun way to teach students what an actual inside voice is.
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