Franklin D. Roosevelt

Valena V


Franklin D. Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times.Many people think that he was the greatest president in the United States.Roosevelt was very diligent even thought he had a disability.Franklin D. Roosevelt was an amazing leader!

Early Life

Franklin D. Roosevelt did awsome things in his early life.Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park,New York in 1882.He grew up in a weathy family.Roosevelt went to bording school that was when Roosevelt knew he wanted to help the commumnity.Franklin D. Roosevelt was very cool!

Personal Challenges

Franklin D. Roosevelt had lots and lots of personal challenges.In 1921 Roosevelt got polio.{Polio is a serious disease}He could not walk after age 39.Roosevelt used a weel chair to get around.He had a houes in Warm Spings,GA becuse doctors belived that warm water treatments such as Warm Spings,GA could help people with poilo.Franklin D. Roosevelt was very brave!


Franklin D. Roosevelt helped a lot in the United States.In 1919 people started to lose there jobs this was called The Great Depression.In 1932 Roosevelt ran for president and he won!He gave the people The New Deal.The New Deal gave people food,clothing,homes, and jobs.In 1939, Great Britain and France when to war against Germany and Italy.Japan joined the side of Germany and Italy.On December 7,1941,Japan attached Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.Roosevelt joined the side of Great Britain and France.Roosevelt died before world war 2 ended but Great Britain and France won! Franklin D. Roosevelt was working for justice!


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