How The 13 Biggest Fitness Myths

Is Making The World a Better Place

How The 13 Biggest Fitness Myths Is Making The World a Better Place

Body fitness is always desired by each and every individual. By regularly following fitness tricks as well as habits, it becomes very easy to maintain a perfect body. There are some hidden myths about fitness that is less known to many people. Some fitness habits can harm the body. It is thus advised to know the myths and follow a perfect advisor for fitness exercises. The biggest fitness myths are as follows:

You can target the fat burn

This is a kind of myth that exists in the present time. Fitness exercises can definitely reduce the overall fat content of the body. But it cannot target the main formation of the fat within the body.

One should not work out on an empty stomach

This is another myth that must be avoided. The body burns fat in an empty stomach. It is thus better to carry out all fitness exercises in the early morning.

No pain and no gain

Most of the people follow this principle. This is not correct. A simple pain during fitness is ok, but excessive pain can further deteriorate the conditions.

Do proper stretching before workout

According to a new research, stretching prior to the exercises can loosen the tendons. This will further make the muscles weaker in due course of time.

Lifting heavy weights add weight

This is not the fact as lifting heavy weights can burn the fat at twice the normal speed.

Exercise machine mainly beat free weights

It is very easy to burn down more fats using exercise machines as they are mainly designed for specific muscles.

Using a treadmill as efficient as running outside

Running against the wind can help to burn more calories at the same time.

One should not work every day.

This is a myth and should not be followed. It should be regular.

Not doing the workout during sickness

This is a wrong idea and regular work out must be done.

Sweating is not good

Sweating provides a good shape to the body.

Crunches as best moves

There are many other methods targeting the core.

Work out makes hungry

This is not the fact as the diet decreases after workout.

Running beats walking

This is not the case and is the other way round.