By:Kendall McKinney

Get to know Pakistan a little better

Pakistan is a relatively small country in Southern Asia, which borders the Arabian Sea, between India, Iran and Afghanistan, and China. There are about 199,085,847 people residing in Pakistan. These people live in a Islamic nation, therefore, their state religion is Islam. On Fridays, everything is closed because it is "Muslim day". Regarding their religion, many Pakistanis fast in the holy month of Ramadan between dawn and dusk. In Pakistan, Urdu is their official language, but many Pakistanis speak in English. Pakistanis also write in Arabic. In Pakistan, they are a hierarchical society which means you are respected by age and position, so the older you are, and the better the job, the higher respected you are. In Pakistan, they have a federal republic as their form of government. So they have a prime minister,who is highly respected, a president, and a parliament. This parliament consists of the senate, and the National Assembly. Regarding money, Pakistan has been moving state "slowly" because of the unemployment levels.

The Bangladesh war

The Bangladesh war began on March 25th, 1971 and ended about 9 months later on December 16, 1971 when Pakistan surrendered in Dhaka causing the remaining army of 90,000, to become "prisoners" of the war. This war started because of the rivalry between West and East Pakistan. East Pakistan demanded to be its own country. During the war , India and East Pakistan joined forces allowing about 10 million Pakistani civilians into India. Also during the war, West Pakistanis were mass murdering, and raping East Pakistanis. After the war, an estimated amount of 3 million casualties was claimed, but later it was said that 500,000 fatalities was counted by researchers. In 2011, Bangladesh celebrated 40 years of independence. Even though Bangladesh gained independence they are still effected by the war. In Bangladesh they are mainly impacted by extremists and people's anger toward the government, such as the Bengalis. Of course, in all war people's families were killed or effected by the war so therefore many people still mourn their loss.