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Lawrenceburg Riverfront Campus

What Did You Accomplish This Summer?

Over the course of 3 months, 15 students in the 2016-2017 cohort of the Ivy Tech Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP) accomplished some significant feats! Between June and August, ASAP students graduated from high school, started college, completed 5 college classes (for a total of 13 credit hours), enjoyed a 3-week break, volunteered with Living Land and Waters to participate in a River Sweep of a portion of the Ohio River, and started their next semester of college!
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Ivy Tech ASAP students at Dagaz Acres after completing a 3-hour Team Building Challenge Course. As part of the challenge, students had to lift each other over this 12’ wall without the aid of any apparatus.

Who are the ASAP Students?

The following students began ASAP in the summer and will graduate with an associate degree in 11 months, then transfer to earn their bachelor’s degrees.

Students are listed in alphabetical order with their respective high schools and bachelor degree plans.

· Veronica Archer, South Dearborn ’16, Pre-Law

· Jessica Bischoff, South Dearborn ’16, undecided

· Shai Bishop, East Central ’16, Animal or Environmental Science

· Jordan Busse, East Central ’16, undecided

· Quinn Graves, Batesville ’16, Psychology

· Nicole Gunter, Jac-Cen-Del ’16, Psychology

· Miranda Hartry, Lawrenceburg ’15, Accounting or Business

· Victoria Lindemann, Milan ’16, Biomedical Engineering

· Julia Mullins, Jac-Cen-Del ’16, Psychology or Education

· Andrea Smith, Jac-Cen-Del ’16, Business Administration

· Marcus Spencer, East Central ’16, Psychology

· Cody Sullivan, South Dearborn ’16, Biomedical Engineering

· Megan Terrell, South Dearborn ’16, undecided

· Ashley Wildman, Batesville ’16, Business Administration

· Breeanna Zimmer, Oldenburg ’16, Business Administration

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Ivy Tech ASAP Students Complete New Media Plan for Hoosier Hills Literacy League

As part of their summer English Composition and Public Speaking classes, ASAP students worked with Hoosier Hills Literacy League to create a new media plan. The new media plan included an updated logo, new Facebook page, research and cost of marketing materials, ideas to increase brand awareness, and an innovative slogan.
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Celebrating the Completion of Summer Term

To celebrate the end of summer term, ASAP students voted to take part in a 90-minute jump at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. The fun included Ultimate Dodge Ball, Foam Zone, SkySlam Court, and open jump.
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Making a Positive Impact on the Community, One Bag of Garbage at a Time

Between summer and fall terms, Ivy Tech ASAP students headed out with Living Lands and Waters to clean debris from the banks of the Ohio. LL&W, founded in 1998, has organized over 94,000 volunteers to work on 23 rivers in 20 states and have removed over 8.6 million pounds of debris from U.S. Waterways.

Joining the Ivy Tech ASAP Cohort this Fall…

· Dominic Witko, East Central ’15, Political Science or International Affairs

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Ivy Tech Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP)- Lawrenceburg

Cohort 2 will graduate in May of 2017.

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