"School's Out" movie Screening

Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten

This special documentary is coming soon!

Every parent and/or educator should see this film. A powerful and beautifully crafted documentary that illuminates who children are, what's important
to them, and what should be important to us as educators and parents.

Hosted by: Universal School of Life

Cost: this is a free event for all.

Thanks to: The Tillotson Center.

School's out Screening

Friday, May 2nd, 6:45-8pm

Colebrook, NH, United States

Colebrook, NH

The screening will be at the Tillotson Center for the Arts located at 14 Carriage Lane in Colebrook, NH 03576.

Contact Information:

Pierre Forest

Ph: 603-331-2253

Email: pforest@universalschooloflife.org