The ASOT Reflection

Region 9 High Reliability Schools-September 2017

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Session Recap

We are so glad you joined us August 3 and 4 for the first session of The Art and Science of Teaching Academy. During our time together, we learned about the ASOT framework with a special focus on Design Questions 6, 7, 8 and 9, as well as the importance of setting goals.

Growth Goals

While we know that the beginning of school can be busy, we hope that you have taken a few minutes to complete the self-audit (also known as the personal profile). From there, you are ready to set your own personal growth goal. Keep in mind that this goal can be the same as your T-TESS goal, but it should focus on one of the elements in the ASOT framework. Keep reading for more information about a tool that can help you create and track your growth as you tackle this goal!
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It's Here!

We are so excited to roll out a brand new digital tool for you to use! This guide is meant to be used digitally, so there are a lot of links to resources and tools you might use. However, you can print a copy if you would prefer that. If you "turn in" this tool, we can provide feedback and support specific to your goals.

This Teacher Reflection Guide can now be found in Google Classroom, so you want to be sure you've joined the correct class.

If your campus can not access Classroom, please help us out by talking to your district technology director or administrator to have the settings adjusted to allow for this. We have had a couple of campuses that have had to contact Google Support.

Strategy Spotlight

Design Question 8: Building Relationships

In our first session, we heard about the importance of building relationships with students. Take a look at the video below for a model of how teachers can make a big impact using a couple of simple strategies.

It's still early in the year, which is a great time to get to know your students. Giving your students time to talk about themselves is an element within itself, but these same icebreakers can go a long way in building relationships. Take a look at the links below for some icebreaker ideas.

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Group 3 and 4

Wednesday, Sep. 13th, 9am to Thursday, Sep. 14th, 4pm

301 Texas 11 Loop

Wichita Falls, TX

Session #274535 is for Group 3 schools.

Session #274539 is for Group 4 schools.

Group 1 Next Session

Wednesday, Oct. 18th, 9am to Thursday, Oct. 19th, 4pm

301 Texas 11 Loop

Wichita Falls, TX

Session #274369 is a two-day session October 18-19.

Group 2 Next Session

Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 9am to Thursday, Oct. 26th, 4pm

301 Texas 11 Loop

Wichita Falls, TX

Session #273366 will be held Oct. 25-26.

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