Eugenio Buelna


My name is Eugenio Buelna.I was born in Tucson A.Z. I have 3 sisters and one brother.
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I have there sisters,one brother my dad name is Eugenio Buelna name is also Eugenio Buelna.My dad died when I was one.My dad got buried on my birthday he died 4 days before my birthday.

Not My Favorite

I do not like to write I rather type all day long then write a word.I do not like soccer and the thing a don't like the most is reading I will do anything to not read I will write if I to not read.


My favorite food is Pizza Hut's wings and brad sticks My favorite junk food is eegee. Basket Basket ball is my favorite sport.My favorite color is black and red and I love pineapple.
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