Mahalia Jackson

By: Madi Kate Lawson

Childhood and Character Traits

Mahalia Jackson was born October 26, 1911 and died January 27, 1972.

At an early age Mahalia loved to sing, at the age of 4 she started singing at her local baptist church.

Successful- Mahalia released a song in 1947 that became the highest selling gospel single in history!

Dedicated- She had a concert even after she was in hospital because she was very ill, and died later that night.

Occupation and quote they said

Mahalia Jackson was a civil rights activist, gospel singer, and a television personality. She loved making people feel better with her music.

"Gospel music is nothing but singing of good tidings--spreading the good news. It will last as long as any music because it is sung straight from the human heart."

Something I learned about Mahalia Jackson

It surprised me that she started singing (in public) at the age of 4, she sang at someones funeral at her local Baptist Church and that her single she released in 1947 was highest selling Gospel single in history!