Victoria Falls

By Jopxi Chavez

The beauty of Victoria Falls

Have you ever wanted to visit a waterfall? Seeing all of its beauties, the rainbow hovering above it. Why not take the family out to a family vacation and have the time of your lives seeing the waterfall of Victoria Falls. One of the most beautiful, amazing, popular waterfalls in the world.

Victoria Falls was a challenge but successful in the end of its journey. This waterfall wasn't just something you could build in four or five years, Victoria Falls took over 100,000 years to form its beauty. To think 100,000 years is a lot of time for something to form but in the end it was worth it for an amazing waterfall. Now in these days Victoria Falls is very successful its one of the most popular waterfalls world wide, it's one of the biggest tour attractions. Imagine seeing over thousands of people visiting this waterfall, till this day Victoria Falls is successful world wide.

The Beginings of Victoria falls wasn't so easy, it didn't have a blue print. Victoria Falls was discovered on November 16,1855. David Livingstone was the founder of Victoria Falls the famous explorer who let the world know about it. Livingstone named Victoria Falls in honor of queen Victoria. In 1856 that was the year the first European to witness the magnificence Of Victoria Falls.

The meaning of Victoria Falls, what does Victoria Falls mean to you? To most people they know Victoria Falls as, mokikalamoikala 'the smoke that thunders'. This amazing waterfall doesn't just represent the marvelous wilderness. The Falls represents its founder David Livingstone, for that it's known as the Livingstone Island. David Livingstone named Victoria Falls after his queen,Victoria, to honor her.

Lastly, next time your planning to go somewhere to spend time with someone maybe consider going to Victoria Falls. It took so many years to form but the wait was worth it. If it wasn't for for David Livingstone who knows maybe we would have never found out about Victoria Falls till the 19's. This marvelous waterfall has been here for years and its here to stay.


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