Staff Spotlight on Global Outcomes

Ashley Silva; Elementary School Counselor

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Students practice Perseverance

In a recent Social/Emotional Learning lesson with fourth graders, Ms. Silva used fun "Minute to Win It" games for students to practice perseverance. This global outcome is where learners strive to take on challenges knowing they have the capacity to grow.

Ms. Silva said she was impressed at how students recalled their recent lesson on growth mindsets to help the persevere and try different ways to achieve their goal. She is hopeful that students will develop this skill further and carry it over into their daily lives, practicing perseverance in all of their classes, on the playground, and at home.

Student Quotes

"This lesson was so much fun."

"I had to try a bunch of things, but I finally got to eat my cookie."

"After dropping our cookies, we started catching them in our shirts."

Thank you Ms. Silva! We appreciate you!