Vol. 5 - September 26, 2014

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Thompson's Talk

Leadership Quote of the Week

Great Leaders don't set out to be a leader...They set out to make a difference. It's never about the role-always about the goal.

The best educators I know won't take credit for their student's progress, but insist that it is the students who achieved greatness. Well, I am here to say that they achieved greatness with help! They often don't think of themselves as leaders, but in fact they are the strongest leaders around. These educators also have clear goals in my mind that they want their students to achieve. That's what it is about-the goal!

I had an absolute blast reading to your students this week and can't wait to read to more next week. It is truly one of the things I miss about being in the classroom. I was impressed with your student's manners and listening while I was reading. The level of work students were completing was also amazing. Thanks for allowing me to visit your classrooms and have some time with your kiddos! I think I enjoy it more than they do! Happy Friday!
Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

One Word - Adriane Wuerch - Peace

Thank you to everyone that has shared their One Word with us. Many of these are very personal to you, and as a family we want to support each other on our journey. This week's one word comes from the fabulous Mrs. Wuerch! Below is what she shared about her focus....peace. Thank you Adriane!

My "one word" is PEACE. Contrary to my free spirited personality, I am actually a very organized person that always has a plan. My whole life plan was thrown off after an unexpected whirlwind romance last spring, that resulted in an expedited wedding this summer. Nothing has gone according to my plan for a while now and it has left me feeling very unsettled during this season of transition. PEACE is the missing component in my life, and without it, everything is upside down. Since I chose it, several things have happened. Almost daily something happens to make me acutely aware that I have a choice to choose PEACE or turmoil. I'm learning to set boundaries that make this choice easier. Through my personal devotions, sermons at church and relationships with people in my life, I feel like God is daily reminding me that perfect PEACE comes from keeping my focus on Him. My husband has realized that he has areas of his life where peace is missing and we have been working together to help each other focus on the things that matter, control what's ours to control, let the insignificant go and keep our focus on things with eternal significance. I feel like I'm relearning a difficult skill I should have already mastered. I am realizing that having PEACE is a choice, not a natural response, and the only way to get better (unfortunately) is practice! I'm looking forward to see progress, this year, in this area of my life.

Guided Instruction Begins Monday!

Grades 2-5 will start Monday

Grades K-1 will start by October 6th

Please attach the Guided Reading and Guided Math template to Monday in forethought and select the TEKS for the week. Remember to read the full TEK before using resources to target instructional objectives. Included below is a template designed for Investigations if you'd like to use it. If you have ANY questions please ask. We are here to support you so you can shine!

Lesson Plans - Please enter TEKS for all content areas. Thanks!

Ring the Bell!!!!

Below you will find some pictures of math completed in first grade. I was amazed to see 1st graders completing math problems such as 900-879=21. They were so excited for me to see their work and to let me know they came up with their equations all on their own. What a great way to start the morning with this type of thinking. Way to go first graders! Never underestimate our students-They will amaze you!!! Super impressed!

Staff Spotlight- Jeanne Ray

Jeanne Ray is such an integral part of the Irvin family. This week 2nd grade bragged on what a team player Jeanne is and how helpful she is. She is a hard worker and always is a great resource. I asked her to send me some "fun facts" about herself and she wrote her spotlight herself. Now if you know Jeanne this was hard to do because she does not like the spotlight.

Being the Title 1 Reading teacher has always been such a reward for me. Working with the students, building their confidence as they continue on their way to becoming stronger readers ~ that is a joy. You’ll never see me going from here to there and back without

some sort of list or schedule. . . and hopefully, I’ve picked up the correct schedule for that moment in time! After school and weekends, it’s all about grandkids, caring for in-laws and then there are the cows who graze the pastures on the farm: early September was the due-date for most of the mama cows. Helping husband check the fields and creeks for new babies kept us extra busy! Life is good!

I agree with Jeanne "Life is good!"

Upcoming Dates

September 29th

  • Book Fair Begins
  • Emergency Response Team Meets in the Conference Room 3pm-4pm

September 30th

  • Book Fair
  • Compliance Training Due to Stacee
  • Design Team Meeting 3:15pm-4:15pm

October 1st

  • Book Fair
  • Shannon and Stacee meet with grade levels on conference periods
  • New to Campus Teachers Meet at 3:15pm-4:15pm

October 2nd
  • Book Fair
  • Lead Teacher 3:15pm-4:15pm

October 3rd
  • Book Fair
  • Progress Reports Go Home

Assessment Calendar

Words of the Week For Morning Assembly

Character Focus: Honesty-Truthfulness and sincerity; free from deception

Math: Sum: Answer in to an addition problem

Reading/Language Arts: Expository text-Text that explains or describes something

Science: Physical Property-Properties such as color, shape, and mass that describe matter