Sports Scout

Josh Brycki

What It Is

A sports scout is the indevidual in a athletic association who is responsable for recruting new athletes to that team. Whether it is a pofessional, semi-pro, or college team, it is important for that team to have continuous growth for the future success for that team. A sports scout fufills that requirement by monitoring lower level leagues for successful young athletes that the scouts represented team might be interested in selecting.

Career Travel, dangers, and advantages

A sports scout often does traveling tas part of their daily schedule This is true because a team might be interested in sport talent in different countries. This is why knowledge of different languages might be important. There are no large dangers associated to this job. The advantages of being a sports scout could include doing something you enjoy, getting to do a lot of fieldwork, and also having a little liberty on your work schedule.

Education Requirement

There is no set amount of education that is required for this job, but a sports scout should have lots of knowledge about the sport that they are affiliated with. They should also have experience in that feild of work.

Two Universities / services to recieve training for career

Some good experience to have in order to become a sports scout is to be a coach of a team. This provides the necessary skills you need to be able to judge talent and skill sets of different players. You should also have experience in playing that sport at a high level. this gives you a better knowledge of what to look for when you are scouting different athletes.

Base entry salary

The salary of a sports scout depends on the level of play the scout is working for and the success of that scout in the field. A scout could be paid either very little or very large sums of money. If you were to start out as just a part time semi pro team scout, you might be paid around $25,000 a year.