Book Nine

By: Burke Suckow


Polyphemus: Is Poseidon's son. He is a cyclops that lives in a cave by himself and Odysseus blinds him teases him and then takes his sheep, milk, and cheese.

Lotus eaters: They are a bunch of people that are addicted to lotus and offer Odysseus and his men lotus.


Odysseus and his men go to the Phaeacians and he tells them his story. They then extend their welcome and some of them are killed by the Phaeacians. Then they escape and have lost six men per ship. Then Zeus sends a storm and takes them for nine days until they reach the land of the lotus eaters. Some of Odysseus's men are offered some lotus and they take it and so Odysseus has to drag his men to the ship and lock them up to get them off the island. They then sail through the night and to the island of the Cyclopes. When they get there they get some goat meat from an offshore island. They then go to the main island and they find a cave with crates of milk and and cheese, and some sheep. Then Odysseus goes and takes some of the food from the cave. Odysseus decides to wonder in the cave and then Polyphemus returns and doesn't like Odysseus in his house. Polyphemus then eats six of his men. Odysseus then blinds Polyphemus and takes his sheep, milk, and cheese. When they leave Odysseus tells him who he is and where he is from. By tell him his name and where he is from Polyphemus tell his dad Poseidon and he makes it very hard to get home.


Pitfalls of Temptation: This is the theme when Odysseus messes with Polyphemus and his tells him who he is. Then everything turns on him and he was the one bulling and now it is coming back to bite him in the butt.

Food: Polyphemus is a nice when he first sees them there but then he gets mad when he finds out they stole his food. This also is a theme when they are at the island of the Lotus eater and are offered lotus.


Odysseus: "

Next I told the rest of the men to cast lots, to find out which of them must endure with me to take up the great beam and spin it in the Cyclops' eye when sweet sleep had come over him. The ones drew it whom I myself would have wanted chosen, four men, and I myself was the fifth, and allotted with them."

He is want to have some of him men draw the short straw and they do, Odysseus is one lucky man.

Polyphemos: "Hear me, Poseidon who circle the earth, dark-haired. If truly I am your son, and you acknowledge yourself as my father, grant that Odysseus, sacker of cities, son of Laertes, who makes his home in Ithaka, may never reach that home; but if it is decided that he shall see his own people, and come home to his strong-founded house and to his own country, let him come late, in bad case, with the loss of all his companions, in someone else’s ship, and find troubles in his household.” ‘So he spoke in prayer, and the dark-haired god heard him."

Polyphemos tells his dad to make it heck for Odysseus to get home after what he did to him.