Welcome to New York

It's Been Waiting for You

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Where Is It?

New York is located to the right of the Iroquois Confederacy and left of the colonies of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The Hudson River passes through New York, which has historically provided us with great trading posts for our fur pelts and their profits!

Who's Here?

New York is home to Europeans, Africans, Indo-Carribeans, and Native Americans, all of whom contribute to our distinctive diversity! With all these people, there are plenty of languages being spoken besides the lingua franca of English, so anyone can get comfortable here! Not only that, we are religiously tolerant, so you can practice any religion you would like! We are home to many Quakers, Lutherans, Protestants, Jews, and so many more!
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New York was first settled by the Dutch when Henry Hudson arrived here in 1609 while looking for a route to Asia. The Dutch created a successful colony under the name of New Netherland by using the Hudson River to establish trade posts to trade its abundant furs. However, we captured New Netherland during the Second Anglo-Dutch War, a war fought in the ongoing conflict between the Dutch and us over control of trade routes. We renamed the colony New York after James Stewart, who helped create the royal province of New York along with Peter Minuit and became our beloved Duke of York.