1.Homes in the Middle Ages

Everyone needed a home in middle ages.

2.Land was important in the middle ages

Land is what people in the middle ages used for farming and building houses.

2.Feudal society

Kings were at the top of the society, nobles owned some land like a king,Knights protected the land in return for a piece of land,Serfs lived on the land and grew crops for the king, nobles, and knights.
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3.Homes and land

Homes were made out of different things ( Wood,Hay,Stone,etc.)
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4.During the 12th century a cultural and economic revival took place; many historians trace the origins of the Renaissance to this time.

(Britannica schools)

4.The 13th century was the apex of medieval civilization. The classic formulations of Gothic architecture and sculpture were achieved.

(Britannica schools)

5.Who was at the middle of the feudal society?

5.Why was land so important t peolpe in the Middle Ages?

7.I feel that peasents should have more rights.

8.Aaron Holbrook, 3rd period