How to Guide-How to Escape Cerberus

This Guide will show you about Cerberus, Hades' Dog

Who is Cerberus?

Cerberus is Hades' dog who guards the gates of the underworld.

People With Cerberus


Step 1: Sing. He may look like he is about to bite your face off, but a lullaby makes him sleep like a puppy.

Step 2: Be Sneaky, Careful, and Quiet. He can wake up very easily and has very sensitive hearing.

Step 3(Optional): If he wakes up, find something colorful and playful that he can fetch. Or if you have any, give him meat.

Step 4: Run for your life.

Step 5: Get Help. If he wakes up, you can't fight him alone. And make sure to bring Armor and Weapons. Or a red ball(Red is the most attracting color).


Cerberus Greek vs. Riordan
Orpheus and Cerberus - the true story


  1. 3 heads means more coverage and a better chance of death.
  2. Dont try to run while he is awake, it is useless, he's bigger, faster and stronger.
  3. His bark is ear shrieking, .
  4. He has a mane of Poisonous snakes.
  5. His saliva is deadly like poison.


  1. In Roman mythology, in the tale of Cupid and Psyche:, Physce makes him a cake to pass through.
  2. Cerberus will fall asleep to soothing music.

Quiz(Extra Credit Kinda)


Just have sweets, a toy(mainly a red ball), a musical instrument, and the ability to run.