about me ~(^.^)~

For the english class

read the title and then that

Hello, my name is Fischer Andrei Cabrera Miranda, and I'm going to talk abuot me.

My birthday is in May 24, I'm eleven years old

I'm peruvian, I'm from Huaraz, Peru. But I live in Trujillo, Peru.

I love the Music, I like the videogames and read books.

I have a two sisters, one biological, and one of my grandparents. My parents are Pabel Cabrera Albornoz and Jacqueline Matilde Miranda Casas, but my grandparents took care of me and my sisters, beacuse my parents my parents worked out of town, and they come to relax of the work.

I want survive to the zombie apocalypse.

My favorite bands and artist are these