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U School Humanities (Teacher Supported)

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News You Can Use (September 25 - October 9th 2015)

We are well into the start of the new school year. Now it's time to grind and get work done.

Many returning and new U School students are making progress in setting daily action plans and performing in a competency-based, Teacher Supported classroom. All U School students will need to set goals and manage their time in order meet all their competencies in humanities, a 2 credit course.

Here is what's been going on and what's coming up.

Awesome Sauce

Awesome Sauce & Kudos to Arianna B, William F, Allura E, Peter D, Marleen C , Lataya W, starting off strong in Humanities

HUUUUUUUGE DOJO shout outs to Keira L., Zahaad N, Tarrell L, Jonnell A , Jonathan G, Luis R and Kiara M for being on the leaders' board for class Dojo Points ( Check-ins , Mini Lessons, Tune Ups and Conferences)

Scholastic Art and Writing Call for Submission

See Mr Reed or Mr McGeehan to learn how you can sign up for the contest.

Sign Up For Chess Club

Want to learn or play competitive chess. Sign up for the ASAP Chess Club.

College Board PSAT Test - Get Ready For College

See Ms Crawford to learn more about the up coming PSAT in October


Please contact Mr Reed ( Email me directly and not through Smore. Thank you!