Immune System

Workers that keep the big bad bacteria away

What is the function of the Immune System?

The Immune System's job is to keep bad bacteria away by killing the germs with the white blood cells.

What are the identifiable features of the Immune System?

The white blood cells, the germs, the leukocytes, the antibodies, the skin, mucus, acid in your stomach, and blood. The first line of defense is the skin, then the mucus, and the last line of defense is acid in your stomach. If the germs are not recognizable by the white blood cells, that can lead to more and more of the germs. These germs will slowly multiply and that will get you sick.

How do you keep your Immune System healthy?

To keep you system healthy, you have to get enough sleep (about 10 hours), eat healthy foods, eat lots of healthy food, and avoid allergies.

What are some of the threats of this system?

HIV AIDS Virus, germs that are not recognized, exchanging blood, and viruses/diseases.

The Immune System Diagram

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Overview of the Immune System

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