Tremendous Tuna

By Mustafo Mustafokulov


You spot a 4-inch squid near you. He does not sense your presence, and does not notice you as you sneak up closer. Suddenly, Whoosh! You dart as fast as you can towards the innocent prey, and swallow up the ocean creature. Proud of your achievement, you swim slowly to a trio of tiny fish… the tuna, an amazing creature, which is in the family of Scombridae, has many attributes, such as a big habitat, speedy movement, an incredible body structure and appearance, and interesting diet, which make this animal one of a kind.


The tuna is a simply magnificent creature. For one, it lives in a HUGE habitat, and is adapted for speed. Plus, it has a superb body structure and appearance, and a tasty diet. From what you have learned, I am sure you have realized that tuna are simply a splendid species of aquatic cold-blooded vertebrates. However, this fish is dying since people keep over fishing this already-endangered animal. You can make an impact that will help tuna by eating lesser of these wonders.

Go Fish

While making my aquarium, I learned many lessons, used many fish, and was able to go under budget. One lesson I learned was that it is sometimes good to make changes. For example, when I finished my aquarium, I was slightly over budget. So I decided to go back and buy lesser objects so the amount of money I spent would be below $250. I also learned that necessities are more important than desires. While making my aquarium, I had to not-buy a few desires to get my necessities, such as when I bought lesser fake aquatic rocks to afford gravel. In my aquarium, I put two green mandarin gobies, and two Elephant-ear Delta Tail Betta, since they look very interesting and attractive. I also bought one blue damsel, and one Domino Damsel, because of their cheap price. When I bought all of my fish, I spent $67.22. And when I bought all my necessities, and decorations, I spent $179.86, including tax. In the end, I had $2.92 left. The amount of inches of my fish put end to end was 7.25 inches. So my fish will need 7 gallons and one quart of water. However, I used a 20-gallon tank, which means that my imaginary fish will have extra roaming space! In conclusion, the Go FIsh was a fun and memorable experience for me.


1. tuna



4.clown fish




8.sea snake

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