Madison Guiher

What is the climate in Peru and how does it affect the people who live there?

The clime of Peru varies from desert to jungles to mountains. Also there are also many natural disasters in Peru such as earthquakes,tsunamis.landslides,flooding,mild volcanic activity, and more. It is hot and humid so people wear light clothing so the don't over heat.

What celebrations do they celebrate in Peru and why?

Most of Peru's celebrations or holidays revolve around they main religion, Roman Catholicism. Some examples are The Body of Christ, Holy Week, and Christmas. Others how ever have to do with history such as Independence Day on 28th of July. Packamama Festival is celebrated because of a myth.

How much money does the average person in Peru made yearly and what jobs do the have?

The average amount of money people in Peru make is $127,137 a year. Agriculture or farming/ranching is one of the most important jobs in Peru because it sends out cash crops all over the world and feeds the people of Peru. About 6.2% of Peru does agriculture. Also 37.3% of people living in Peru work in an industry like factories and send goods outside and inside their country. Lastly many people have a job put in the category services about 56.3% of people have service jobs. A few examples of services are teachers, firemen, and police.

What is the goegraphy of Peru and how does it affect the poeple who live there?

The geography of Peru varies from the Andes Mountains to tropical jungles to deserts. The Andes Mountains are chilly because of the super high elevation. The humid rainforest are warm and wet and located to the eastern part of Peru. Also there are sandy deserts in the western side of Peru and they are hot and dry from the rain shadow of the Andes.