YouTube in School

This will be why you should use YouTube.

Our topic is why YouTube should be used in school.

Our opinion on this topic is that YouTube should and would be very helpful and very educational in school. Some research facts are that students are restricted to there access to appropriate videos. Students will also be more entertain and will remember more in videos and presentations, 2000 teachers have used YouTube's flipped classroom in there school.

Creators: Brooke and Jacqui

Guaranteed to help students around the world in school.

Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube:

What if the student looks up a inappropriate video? In settings you can censor your students from watching videos. Another is, how would this be used in class for projects? For projects and presentations, YouTube can be used to help students understand things better in a video and studies have show they will remember what they learn more.
21st Century Classroom: YouTube @ Kent-Meridian High School